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We take great pride in our values, and all of our staff are trained to the highest standard to promote our values

  • Quality and personalised care for adult service users is our priority
  • To preserve and maintain dignity, respect, choice, and individuality
  • Enable service users to remain independent in their own homes
  • To ensure service users maintain their quality of life
  • We will endeavour to promote the service user’s safety at all times 
  • Continuous improvement of our services, achieved by regular auditing
  • Policies and procedures in place to support all decisions made on care and safety
  • All staff will deliver the highest standard of care through proper training and supervision
  • Staff meet daily to ensure continuity of care
  • Gain feedback from service users and their families to continually improve our service

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Care Quality Commission

In line with CQC guidance, Gold Standard Care Ltd encourages its staff and Service Users to promote honest and open feedback as part of an overall Quality Management system helping maintain and drive the standards forward. We do this with continual feedback with Service Users and their family, regular staff appraisals, staff training, continual professional development packages and regular team meetings. Gold Standard Care Ltd puts the quality of our staff at the heart of the bespoke care we provide. By investing in the quality of the staff the Service Users benefit from a high calibre standard of care in line with all the best advice stipulated by the CQC.